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When you buy from us you do not pay for any middlemen - you buy from the top of the manufacturing and marketing chains.

quality of goods

Our private customers enjoy the cherry on the top of the ice cream - our best goods are sorted out for you. So you get better diamonds for low prices.


We believe in cut - this is what makes a diamond become alive with light and fire. High or low budgets - all our clients get a sparkling diamond.

Big Diamond


Online research allows you not only to compare prices (and by that increasing competition and cutting the price) but also to learn enough about diamonds to even buy them online without seeing them.

We think like a manufacturer so we run a very lean operation. No fancy malls and 5 million dollar store renovations. We sell FINE diamonds and jewelry in Singapore, not illusions.

This great competition creates a more comfortable return & exchange policies, reducing the risk of any purchase.

No more dependency on physical locations; the number of sellers is greater and everybody is aware of it. As in many other industries, the great internet created an alternative supply chain that is much shorter and therefore cheaper.​

We market online because this is a very effective way to advertise – it’s easy to measure and is very targeted. We believe in knowledge and we have vast knowledge. We try to share as much of it online in the most honest and objective way. This is why we attract a smart and responsible consumer that care about their hard work money and prefer to make the best of their budget.

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