CUSTOM-MADE engagement rings

Do not compromise with your (or hers) engagement ring. Let us help you build your own unique engagement ring or any other high end jewelry. 


1. Tailored to all of your demands. NO COMPROMISES.

2. Adapted to your budget.

3. 3D imaging is done before production so no mistakes are made.  

4. Thanks to modern technologies – very cheap and EASY process. 


DETAILS & pricing

The first thing we do is to discuss all of the specifics and small details to create a basic “list of demands” for our design. We talk about issues like the diamond size or quality and also go in to smaller details like the the finish of the metal, the massiveness of the shank and more. 

After finalizing all the small details we work on the quotation and give you a price range with a max price – this means we will never charge more than the max price even if we made a wrong evaluation. When you give us the ‘OK’ we start the modeling of your unique vision for your engagement ring.  


When we complete the creation of a 3D model and we send it to you and wait for your remarks and questions. Remember these 3D images represent the actual product in a very high accuracy. Often the main differences from reality is that the real prongs of the final product are more delicate then the render. 

In this stage we wait for any comment and make adjustments according to it. If you have no changes we give you the final price and get the ok to start working. 


After we get your final agreement we print the model – with wax or with plastic – this is determined by our professionals according to the ring and the detailing it requires.

When we finish with the printing we cast the model according to your preference and from this point we continue as any regular design. 

How long until you get your custom engagement ring ?

Normally this process takes 14 days but in more complex cases it can take longer. But your estimated delivery date will be decided beforehand, upon closing the design. Remember the more unique of an engagement ring you need the more time it might take.  


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